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$ 295

Antique Valentine: George C. Whitney Co. Valentine Ca. 1881

A museum-worthy collector's item, we are proud to offer this rare, George C. Whitney Co. Valentine in unbelievable Near Mint Condition dating Ca. 1881. This is a three-dimensional valentine with paper accordians beneath two layers of very unusual paper lace. The bottom layer of paper lace is a unique and early bi-colored paper lace with Wedgwood blue and white Greek Key designed plates incorporate... moreBuy Now RHUMBA! ®
$ 35

Antique Valentine: Victorian Valentine | Vintage Valentine

Victorian Valentine features a raised paper lace central frame on four paper accordians surrounding a lovely colored image of two Victorian maidens in beautiful Victorian costumes. There are four applied German die-cuts of an angel, a blackbird, a little girl with a bouquet of posies and an envelope and a pair of lovebirds above a message proclaiming "Trust to me" surrounded by roses and lillies o... moreBuy Now RHUMBA! ®
$ 12

Clapsaddle Valentine Postcard: Clapsaddle Postcard Vintage

Clapsaddle Valentine postcard features a darling little boy in vintage attire holding a Valentine heart of roses with two other flowered hearts. The verse reads, "To My Valentine/Fragrant roses for Rememberance,/Pansies sweet for Living Thought-/So I send you from my garden/That which can nowhere be bought." The front of the postcard has a signature with a copyright symbol: "Int.ArtPub.Co." and ... moreBuy Now RHUMBA! ®
$ 12

Clapsaddle Valentine Postcard: Vintage Clapsaddle Postcard

Clapsaddle Valentine postcard features a large, red, central heart with a young boy drawing hearts surrounded by blue forget-me-nots with gold accents. The verse reads: "To my beloved Valentine/Dearest, if I did but know,/The reason/why I love you so." It is signed, "Ellen H. Clapsaddle" in script on the bottom left. The postcard measures approximately 5-3/8 x 3-1/2" and is in Very Good/Excell... moreBuy Now RHUMBA! ®
$ 3 each

Selection of Vintage Valentine Postcards

This is a selection of early postcards featuring Valentine greetings. Standard sizes 3-1/2 x 5-1/2, some are used with stamp, some blank. Order by vendor # and description as below. All priced at $3.00 unless marked otherwise. 1. Valentine Thoughts Pink Lady and Umbrella - Germany 2. Valentine Greeting Girl in Blue - Valentine Series AC 3. Moon in Sky Poem by Riley - Used 1911 4. To ... moreBuy Now Jarretts Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques
$ 20

Valentine Die Cut Three Layers "Good Saint Valentine" Lyre

Victorian Valentine is a three-layer creation in shades of aqua and mint green that is over one hundred years old. The first layer is a lovely harp-shaped and very sturdy die cut with an easel decorated in shades of aqua and deeper aqua shaded flowers. It measures approximately 7-7/8 x 4-7/8". The second layer feels like parchment. It contains the metallic gold colored verse that reads: Good ... moreBuy Now RHUMBA! ®
$ 18

Valentine Vintage Reproduction Victorian Hanging Valentine

Reproduction Victorian Hanging Valentine is about 25 years old. It features three graduated size hearts. The top heart shows a Victorian Woman and child feeding a white swan in a garden with a column in pastel colors. On the top left it reads, "To my Valentine." The middle heart has forget-me-nots in shades of blue and the smallest heart has roses in shades of pink. From top to bottom,... moreBuy Now RHUMBA! ®
$ 14 & Up

Valentine's Day Jewelry, Vintage Valentines & Gift Gallery,

Valentine heart jewelry, Vintage Valentines, Victorian Valentines and Valentine gifts!... moreMore Info RHUMBA! ®
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